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I can't believe I haven't made this post before now! The reason though, is because I've noticed a lot of people have messaged me about things they're wondering about, or that something's wrong with the download links. But most of you have forgotten to turn your privacy settings for messages off, so I can't answer you. Therefore, if you find anything wrong, or if you're wondering about something, please ask here.

If you want to ask something in private, then I don't mind if you message me. But please check if you can accept messages from all LJ users, or else it's not my fault if I can't help you out.

Requests have their own post, and will not be answered here.
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February 18 2012, 19:51:45 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  February 18 2012, 23:59:43 UTC

hi,i was interested in getting some of the caps you made for The Tudors eps. but all the links are on Megaupload--and of course, they're gone now. any chance these can be reuploaded on 4shared or mediafire (i have the best luck with those sites)? thank you! :)

ETA: rapidshare is good too cuz it looks like you use it. i've just found 4shared and mediafire to be faster. thanks agian!
I've put the The Tudors caps on my requested-caps-I-need-to-re-upload list :-) And yes, you're right, I'm currently re-uploding my caps to Rapidshare :-)


6 years ago

Hey guys! I was wondering if you could reupload your caps for 28 weeks later? The links are on Megaupload and I have no way to download them. If not, I understand. Thanks :)
No guys here, just me! New links are up now :-)
can i request a reupload of all lost screencaps? thanks!!! (due to dead megaupload links)
Sure! It's gonna take some time though, I have a lot of other requests to tend to first, but you're currently number 13 on the list :-)
Could you possible re-upload the film Flawless?
Sure! It's gonna take a while though, I have lots of other caps to upload first. But your request is currently number 11 on my list :-)


5 years ago

all the downton abbey links at rapidshare expired!!!!!! i want to suggest you something why don't you use MEDIAFIRE to upload zip download links? it is faster and easier for all of us! it is the best file hosting site i know! so can you please please reupload your downton abbey screencaps to mediafire ? thanks and do not be angry with me that i have made this suggestion! thanks again!
I'm sorry, but I won't be using Mediafire. They have a 200 MB size limit, and my zips are too big, and I don't have the time to split them up. Maybe sometime in the future :-)
Do you want me to re-upload my Downton Abbey caps to Rapidshare?
yes reupload them to rapidshare!!!!! thanks again!!!
It may take a while though, you're request is number 10 on my list :)
your lost caps,are you going to reupload them soon? because i was number 13 and know i am nymber 10 ,or for lost reupload iam number 13 on the reupload list and for downton abbey number 10 on the reupload list? can you give me some more details how you organise your list?thanks again
Where you are on the list depends on when you made your request, so if you were the first one to make a request, you would be number 1 on the list. Your Lost request was number 13, now it's number 3. When I fill a request, you come closer to the top of the list. It's as simple as that :)
ok thanks!!!!!!!! now i understand!!!!!!!
Hi! I was hoping you would reupload the An Education caps since they're all on megaupload? Thank you for your hard work! (:
Sure! It's currently number 7 on my list :)


5 years ago


July 2 2012, 23:25:10 UTC 6 years ago

Hey! Thanks for all the caps :) however I just wanted to ask when you would be uploading caps of Pretty Little Liars' 26th June episode. Birds of a feather.
Thanks :) keep up the happy screencapping!!
I've been busy lately, so I haven't had the time, but I'll upload them now :)
my LOST TV SERIES reupload request of all episodes will be filled soon ? because i was number 3, please and thanks!!! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!
I'm doing the requests as soon as I have time for it, so there's no need for reminding me.


July 18 2012, 08:02:10 UTC 6 years ago

Hey! By when would you upload pretty little liars' season three episode 5 screecaptures?
Sure! Your request is currently number 8 on my list :)


July 21 2012, 01:22:50 UTC 6 years ago

When can you upload the screecaptures of the last two episodes of pretty little liars?!

Do you also, by any chance, know a platform where I can find Jane by Design screencaps?

Thanks :)
I haven't seen the newest episodes yet, but when I do, I'll post them here :)


July 22 2012, 22:58:34 UTC 6 years ago

Okay! So, when will you see them?
I'm sorry? I don't understand.


July 23 2012, 08:30:02 UTC 6 years ago

When will you see the Pretty Little Liars episode, I meant.

I don't know. I don't like the show as much as I used to :/
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