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11:09 pm: lifeisharder Shameless 1x01 Pilot (with logo) - 5 comments
02:48 pm: lifeisharder Shameless 1x02 Frank the Plank (with logo)
05:58 pm: lifeisharder Shameless 1x03 Aunt Ginger (with logo) - 4 comments
01:37 am: lifeisharder Shameless 1x04 Casey Casden
10:00 am: lifeisharder Shameless 1x05 Three Boys
02:25 pm: lifeisharder It's Kind of a Funny Story - 2 comments
02:35 pm: lifeisharder Shameless 1x06 Killer Carl
08:14 am: lifeisharder True Blood 1x02 The First Taste (without logo)
08:27 am: lifeisharder Community 1x01 Pilot (with logo)
08:44 am: lifeisharder The Tudors 1x01 In Cold Blood - 2 comments
08:49 am: lifeisharder Shameless 1x07 Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father (without logo)
10:13 am: lifeisharder The Vampire Diaries 1x01 Pilot (with logo)
10:55 am: lifeisharder Community 1x02 Spanish (with logo)
09:03 pm: lifeisharder True Blood 1x03 Mine (without logo)
10:49 pm: lifeisharder The Vampire Diaries 1x02 The Night of the Comet (with logo)
12:17 am: lifeisharder The Tudors 1x02 Simply Henry - 4 comments
12:26 am: lifeisharder Shameless 1x08 It's Time to Kill the Turtle (without logo)
12:31 am: lifeisharder Community 1x03 Introduction to Film (with logo)
01:50 am: lifeisharder The Vampire Diaries 1x03 Friday Night Bites (with logo)
10:36 pm: lifeisharder Community 1x04 Social Psychology (with logo)
03:55 pm: lifeisharder 300 - 3 comments
08:00 pm: lifeisharder The Young Victoria - 2 comments
12:02 pm: lifeisharder Shameless 1x09 But At Last Came a Knock (without logo) - 4 comments
05:27 pm: lifeisharder Poseidon
07:16 pm: lifeisharder The Tudors 1x03 Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey! - 6 comments
01:19 am: lifeisharder The Vampire Diaries 1x04 Family Ties (with logo)
07:23 pm: lifeisharder Updates - 2 comments
10:12 am: lifeisharder Community 1x05 Advanced Criminal Law
12:46 pm: lifeisharder Black Swan - 26 comments
02:45 pm: lifeisharder Shameless 1x10 Nana Gallagher Had an Affair (with logo) - 29 comments
09:58 pm: lifeisharder The Tudors 1x04 His Majesty, The King - 8 comments
03:03 am: lifeisharder The Phantom of the Opera - 14 comments